Here at we understand that you are super excited to get your new vehicle, we are super excited for you too. There are some things that we feel are very important to understand and although our sales staff will most likely have run through these with you, we feel that to improve your safety and the health of the vehicle it is in everyone’s best interests to go over it all one last time.

When you receive the vehicle in many cases one of our very own staff will deliver the vehicle and talk you around the vehicle answering any questions. However, this is not always the case as we do also use independent motorcycle couriers to help with deliveries when we have no other option.

These independent motorcycle couriers are great at getting the vehicle to you in the agreed timescale but they do not necessarily know anything about the vehicle that they are delivering, just as your ‘postie’ doesn’t know about that parcel he is delivering to you.

So, with that being said, we feel that the information below is important enough to ensure it has been read and understood by our customers. If you have any questions, remember we are only a call or click away.


Motorcycle & Scooter Handover Form

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Familiarise yourself with the owners manual & controls of the vehicle.*
Fuel Type - Ensure correct Fuel Type is used. Most vehicles will indicate the fuel type around the petrol cap. Re-Fuelling: Do not fill the vehicle to the very brim of the tank - this can cause an airlock situation where the vehicle will not start*
Servicing: Servicing should be carried out at specified intervals by a VAT registered motorcycle garage. - Check vehicle documentation for frequency or ask a member of staff. Each vehicle is different. Failure to provide proof of servicing in the manufacturers timescale will invalidate your warranty. Upload proof of servicing to*
Warranty: Most vehicles come with a warranty. Warranties cover parts and/or labour for a predefined period of time - see the owners paperwork for full details. Failure to provide proof of servicing in the manufacturers timescale will invalidate your warranty and parts/labour costs will be chargeable.*
Breakdown Cover: Warranty does not include breakdown cover however most insurance companies provide this as standard with their policies. We can offer breakdown cover at additional cost.*
Tyres: The tyres are brand new and will require some miles before they become fully grippy. Avoid manhole covers and white lines as much as possible until the vehicle has acheived around 300 miles.*
Tax: Your vehicle will arrive taxed, please do not tax the vehicle when you receive the V5. You can confirm tax status on the DVLA website.*
Running in. The running in period differs for each vehicle so do refer to the owners handbook supplied with the vehicle.*
Regular Basic Maintenance: Keep Chain Adjusted and Lubricated... if you do not know how to do this please get in touch.*
Batteries: Batteries can drain if the vehicle is not used for a period of time. The battery is not covered under warranty.*
Inspection - Always inspect the vehicle before your journey paying particular to tyre pressure, brake's lights and indicators*
Helmet: Ensure your helmet is a good fit, it should feel a bit snug and should never wobble. Always secure it before riding. If you are still in need of a helmet we can supply with a 15% discount. Clothing: Again, ensure that motorcycle clothing fits well and armour does not move from areas intended for protection. Never ride in shorts & t-shirt / sandals. Always wear protective clothing whilst riding.*
If you do experience an issue Do not tamper with the vehicle yourself (or anyone who is not a qualified motorcycle technician). Most issues are usually very minor things that can be diagnosed over the phone.*
Distance Sale: if you did not visit the store to purchase the vehicle in person, this is regarded as a distance sale. Full distance selling rights can be found on the Gov website here:, by cicking agree you confirm that you have read and understand the attached MyDistanceSellingRights.pdf below (opens new page)*
If you are unsure about anything, please call us. We are more than happy to help and advise. You can save our number to your mobile - 01343 548412*
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